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Grocery Store approved for $350,000.00 over 12 months to expand organic foods selection.

Marketing consultants approved for $125,000.00 to launch new social selling platform.

Coffee shop approved for $65,000.00 to purchase new coffee equipment and remodeling.

IT Firm Approved for $500,000 to begin new CRM project.


Our process is hassle free and your approval is made available to you within 24-48 hours from starting the application process.

Step 1: Complete an application and the 3 most recent bank statements. If your business is seasonal, please include 6-9 months bank statements. 

Step 2: We begin reviewing your application and other documents submitted.

Step 3: Request the funds/Contracts (Additional documents may be requested, such as a copy of the business license)

Step 4: Funds are released to the bank account used in the application process

Please note: we also offer additional capital to the initial approval once you have paid 50% of the loan amount back. Additionally, we may allow you to have more than one loan with us to meet all of your financial goals.


Pick a loan product that increases your bottom line today and get funding with 2 business days.

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